We take pride in raising the fresh, high-quality chicken that Canadians have loved for generations.

Farmers provide a public good through being responsible stewards of the land and we are committed to using sustainable, good production practices, and to leaving the smallest possible imprint on the environment.

Our vibrant and stable industry provides benefits for communities in rural and urban areas. It means economic and social sustainability for the towns and regions whose future is tightly intertwined with the success of the Canadian agricultural sector. Farmers provide direct jobs as well as jobs for those who work in processing, retailing and those companies that provide service and inputs.

About two-thirds of our farmers support themselves primarily with farm income, but about 60% of them do other sorts of farming as well as chicken. Chicken farming represents, on average, over 75% of their business which provides them with a stable source of revenue and solid planning horizons that allows them to invest with confidence in their operations.

Profitability is key to renewal, and renewable industries lend strength to the Canadian economy and social fabric.

Vibrant. Stable. Proud. That’s Canada’s chicken farmers.