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Meet Your Farmers

Tim Ansems and Angela Johnston

Nova Scotia

The Ansems family cannot be described in one word. In fact, many words come to mind like warm, inviting, and of course, hilarious. When you spend time with Tim and Angela’s family, you can definitely feel the love and commitment for their family and, of course, their farm. Tim has been farming chicken and turkeys and grains for over 19 years. Tim grew up on a chicken, turkey, and tobacco farm in Port Williams, Nova Scotia. He wasn’t planning on farming full time until his third year of university, when he decided to purchase turkey quota. This was closely followed by an opportunity to buy his own farm property, two years later. Only about a week after purchasing the farm, he met his future wife Angela – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Both Tim and Angela credit supply management with providing them with the financial stability to invest in their family, farm, and other passion projects. They are thankful that supply management supports their financial stability and for the leadership and management training that the industry has provided. These factors have allowed opportunities for Tim to provide leadership within Chicken Farmers of Nova Scotia and to represent his province and industry at national and international venues.

Tim and Angela relish that their children, Caelin, Russell and Tobi, are able to grow up on the farm and excel at the activities they are passionate about. The farm is a priority to the family, and they understand that the welfare of their birds is extremely important to the community. “We hear that from people we meet in the community.  I know that they care about the welfare of the birds.  I also know that they don’t know how much we put into it,” says Angela. “Tim is meticulous with his details! He makes spreadsheets, and he cares so much about doing a good job. I would be happy with anything that Tim produced”. One of Tim’s favourite things about chicken farming is getting to constantly learn about the emerging trends and researching best practices. “I feel satisfied when I have been able to grow a bird in the best conditions possible and I enjoy pushing the boundaries to make those conditions even better”, says Tim. “If you take care of the details, the details will take care of you.”


  • What is your favourite book? Lord of the Flies
  • What is your favourite concert (and only)? Ashley MacIsaac
  • Favourite movie? Office Space, Goonies, and Big Lebowski
  • What would you bring on a deserted island? A boat