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Scott Wiens


Perched in the corner of a hotel lobby, miles from home, Scott Wiens looks nothing like a stereotypical farmer. Cell phone in hand, he proceeds to tell the story of the Wiens household and the role chicken farming plays in ensuring his family has a stable lifestyle with a solid return on their investment.

Scott keeps himself very busy in Canada’s chicken industry, as he is also a past Chair of the Alberta Chicken Producers.

Scott’s farm is located near Edmonton, Alberta. He takes a great deal of pride in the quality of the birds raised by Canadian chicken farmers.

“Quality is key. Consumers want a high quality product and we want them to be happy,” he says.

Scott believes farmers must collaborate on initiatives that benefit everyone. “We are working toward keeping our industry flexible, both to market demands and for our farmers so that was can all thrive.”

The farm can be a frantic operation at times, with 2 a.m. calls regarding the status of the flock. Scott doesn’t mind, as “it gets the adrenaline going, you need to find a solution.” Things don’t happen on a fixed schedule, so no workday ever feels routine. He rather likes the autonomy, as well.

“I enjoy the responsibility and the fact that I have full ownership of both the good and the bad.”

Chicken farming suits Scott well, and it is clear that he wants to ensure that Canada’s chicken industry continues as it is today.

“I really enjoy chicken farming,” he says. “It allows my family to have a stable lifestyle and we produce a great product that Canadians love. It’s a good way to raise a family.”