About Us

Our Mandate

Chicken Farmers of Canada has two primary mandates. Our main responsibility is to ensure that our 2,800 farmers produce the right amount of fresh, safe, high-quality chicken to meet Canada’s needs. This evolving risk management system we operate under is commonly known as supply management.

Under supply management, Chicken Farmers of Canada:

  • Meets with farmers, processors, further processors and members of the restaurant trade from across the country meet every eight weeks to decide, based on market demand, just how much chicken to raise
  • Monitors compliance with provincial quota allocations – making sure each province raises as much chicken as they agreed to
  • Monitors the inter-provincial or market development trade of chicken

Our second responsibility is to represent the interests of chicken farmers and the Canadian chicken industry. Chicken Farmers of Canada plays a key role in developing, partnering or managing programs for Canada’s chicken farmers that prove our producers continue to grow the high quality chicken that Canadians trust. Through programs such as our  Raised by a Canadian Farmer Sustainability Excellence, Raised by a Canadian Farmer On-Farm Food Safety Program, Raised by a Canadian Farmer Animal Care Program and other biosecurity initiatives, Chicken Farmers of Canada works closely with government partners and industry stakeholders to keep the industry innovative and responsive. Through our government relations program, Chicken Farmers of Canada strives to ensure that key decision makers in government fully understand the views of Canada’s chicken farmers and that these are taken into account when important agriculture and trade policy decisions are made.

Our Board

Our directions and policies are determined by a 15-member Board of Directors comprised of farmers appointed by the provincial chicken marketing boards. Non-farmer directors — one from the restaurant industry, another from the further processing industry, and two representing the processing industry — are appointed by their respective national associations. This way, Chicken Farmers of Canada and its stakeholders work together on behalf of Canada’s chicken industry, from farmer to consumer.

Our Mission

On behalf of Canadian chicken farmers, lead and drive the improved efficiency of chicken farmers and the Canadian chicken industry to better serve consumers, and to ensure that chicken continues to be the leading protein preference of Canadians.

Our Vision

To grow consumer demand for Canadian-grown chicken.

5-Year Strategic Plan and Guiding Principles

Each year, Chicken Farmers of Canada’s Board of Directors and Executive Management Team take the opportunity to celebrate the successes of the previous year and set priorities for the next. These strategies must correspond with the priorities stated in Chicken Farmers of Canada’s five-year strategic plan. The implementation of the 2014-2018 strategic plan is guided by the following principles:

  1. Promote profitable innovation and expansion of the Canadian chicken industry and the demand for its products.
  2. Leverage its leadership position and enhance its capacity to seize every opportunity to improve efficiency throughout the value chain.
  3. Identify and respond to consumer expectations for value, food safety and quality, and social values for animal care, and the environment.
  4. Build transparency and accountability in a sustainable and dynamic supply management system.
  5. Continuously improve the supply management system to reflect a changing marketplace, while preserving its fundamental values, pillars and principles for the benefit of farmers, stakeholders, and consumers.

Annual Reports

Each year, Chicken Farmers of Canada issues an annual report on the previous fiscal year with an update on strategic priorities, a market report, a trade update, financial statements, and other topics of interest.