Chicken Farmers of Canada

My Visit to a Chicken Farm

Our very own Consumer Relations Coordinator, Erin Callary, recently visited a chicken farm for the first time and decided to write about her experience. Check out what she had to say!

I started working at Chicken Farmers of Canada five months ago. I’ve always had a love for farms and agriculture, and was excited about the potential to visit a farm and learn more about the chicken industry. At Chicken Farmers of Canada, the staff is really encouraged to visit a farm to better understand the industry in which we are all working. A couple of weeks ago, my turn to visit a chicken farm came. The trip was amazingly informative and educational.

We made the trip to visit the farmer, Tim, at his family farm, and I was able to ask him a few questions about his work and about life on the farm in general. The first thing I noticed was how big the barns were! Tim brought me to two barns, one that held conventionally-raised chickens and another with organically-raised chickens. The chicks in the organic barn were 17 days old, and the chicks in the conventional barn were 13 days old. There was a lot of space in the barn and the chicks were all roaming around free.

It was amazing to see the role technology played at the farm. Tim showed us how both the water and the food were automated and constantly accessible for the chicks. The chicks were eating and drinking away as they pleased.

The temperature is also automated, with vents opening and closing depending on the temperature needed to keep the chicks comfortable. There were also large fans throughout the barns, keeping the entire place well ventilated.

I was unbelievably impressed with the care Tim showed for all his chickens. Being a farmer is hard work, and we are so lucky to have farmers like Tim that work tirelessly and are so dedicated to the health and well-being of their flocks and Canadian consumers. Tim’s farm is a product of his passion and community. He grew up on his parent’s chicken farm, and his sons now have chicken farms of their own. When talking with Tim, you can tell that he is proud of his work, and that his sons will continue in the farming tradition.

While Tim is proud of his chicken farming tradition and heritage, he mentioned that his favourite part about farming is the constant evolution of it. Research and technology are continuously improving farming practices and outcomes. As Canadians are becoming more and more conscious of how their food has been produced and cared for, they can rest assured knowing that chicken raised in Canada have been diligently cared for by farmers like Tim.

Meeting Tim and hearing the pride that he has in his work made me excited for the future of Canadian chicken farming. Not only will his passion for chicken farming be passed on to his sons and their chicken farms, but also knowing how much our farmers care for their craft make me proud. I really appreciate getting the opportunity to go to the farm!