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Marc Cormier

New Brunswick

Marc Cormier is passionate about raising the best and healthiest chickens possible. Like the rest of Canada’s 2,800 chicken farmers, he is “proud to raise quality chicken Canadians can trust.”

Raising quality chicken is a way of life for the Cormiers. From the four new state-of-the-art barns on their St. Paul, New Brunswick farm near Moncton to the little smile he gets when you ask him how the flocks are doing, everything about Marc says that chicken farming is his dream job.

“Having a stable and strong system is essential
to ensuring the viability of our farms in the future.”

“I love raising healthy birds and working together with my family at what we do,” said Marc. “There’s nothing like the feeling of producing a quality product, the best in the world.”

Marc’s family shares his pride. While the farm employs both full and part-time staff, Marc’s whole family is involved in day-to-day operations. His wife Ginette helps with the farm’s accounting, while their two children pitch in to help on the broiler farm and at the broiler breeder farm that the Cormiers are partners in.

“Watching the birds perform [feed conversion and weight gain] is what gives us our job satisfaction,” he says. “Watching them grow is one of the joys. Getting better each flock is why we keep doing it.”

Maintaining supply management is critical to keep the family on the farm as the producer is assured a reasonable price and a fair return on their investment.