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Our People

For nearly 40 years, the Canadian chicken industry has grown to unprecedented heights, with a multi-faceted approach to its development.

Executive Committee

The 15-member Board of Directors, made up of farmers and other stakeholders from the chicken industry, provides leadership on Chicken Farmers of Canada’s strategic plan and mission and has chosen the following representatives:

Benoît Fontaine
Hailing from Stanbridge Station, Quebec, Benoît Fontaine, Chair of Chicken Farmers of Canada, first joined the Board of Directors in 2013 as an alternate and became the Quebec Director in 2014. He farms in the Lac Champlain area and raises 5.5 million kg of chicken and 500,000 kg of turkey. A former high school Canadian history teacher, and 2nd generation chicken farmer, Benoît has also been heavily involved in the Union des producteurs agricoles since 1999. Benoît became Chair of CFC in 2016.
Derek Janzen
Derek Janzen, 1st Vice-Chair, and his wife Rhonda have farmed in the Fraser Valley since 1998. They currently produce 1.4 million Kg’s of chicken annually and manage 22,000 commercial laying hens. Prior to farming, Derek worked for BC’s largest poultry processor for nearly nine years. He worked his way up from driving delivery truck to sales and marketing where he took the position of Major Accounts Manager. Derek’s experience in the processing industry has served him well with his board involvement. Derek has held various positions on a variety of boards including Chair of the BC Egg Producers Association and also was appointed by the Minister of Agriculture as a member of the Farm Industry Review Board (FIRB), BC’s supervisory board. Derek enjoys being involved in the industry and is excited to represent BC at the Chicken Farmers of Canada.
Nick de Graaf
Nick de Graaf, 2nd Vice-Chair, is a third-generation poultry farmer in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia operating the farm founded by his Dutch grandfather in the early 1960’s. Today the farm produces more than 660,000 chickens, and 67,000 turkeys per year. Nick is also part of Innovative Poultry Group (IPG). IPG farms 55,000 broiler breeders and owns Maritime Chicks, a new, state-of-the-art hatchery employing the HatchCare system. In addition to poultry, Nick grows more than 1,600 acres of wheat, corn and soybeans. He is self-sufficient in the production of corn and soybeans for his on-farm feed mill where he processes poultry feeds for his own flocks. He has participated in Chicken Farmers of Canada as an Alternate Director and as a member of the Policy Committee. Nick and his wife, Trudy, have three children and two grandchildren.
Tim Klompmaker
Tim Klompmaker, Executive Member, lives in Norwood, Ontario and was elected to the Chicken Farmers of Canada Board in 2017. Tim started farming in 1984 along with his wife Annette and his three sons. He is a third generation chicken farmer with the fourth generation already in place and running chicken farms of their own. Tim served as a District Committee Representative for Chicken Farmers of Ontario before being elected to the Ontario Board in 2000. He served as CFC Alternate Representative for Ontario from 2012-2013, and has represented Ontario on the CFC Production Committee, the AMU Working Committee, and at NFACC. He has also served as 1st Vice-Chair of Chicken Farmers of Ontario.

The Board of Directors

The Board

Chair: Benoît Fontaine (Quebec)
  • Derek Janzen (British Columbia)
  • Dennis Steinwand (Alberta)
  • Nick Langelaar (Saskatchewan)
  • Ted Froese (Manitoba)
  • Tim Klompmaker (Ontario)
  • François Cloutier (Quebec)
  • Marc Cormier (New Brunswick)
  • Nick de Graaf (Nova Scotia)
  • Barry Uyterlinde (Prince Edward Island)
  • Paul Dunphy (Newfoundland & Labrador)
  • Yvan Brodeur (Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council)
  • Kerry Towle (Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council)
  • Don Kilimnik (Further Poultry Processors Association of Canada)
  • Paolo DiManno (Restaurants Canada)



  • Chair – Benoît Fontaine
  • 1st Vice Chair – Derek Janzen
  • 2nd Vice Chair – Nick de Graaf
  • Executive Member – Tim Klompmaker


  • Chair – Barry Uyterlinde
  • Yvan Brodeur
  • Dennis Steinwand


  • Chair – Dennis Steinwand
  • Don Kilimnik
  • Tim Klompmaker


  • Chair – Tim Klompmaker
  • Yvan Brodeur
  • François Cloutier
  • Marc Cormier
  • Derek Janzen


  • Chair – Nick de Graaf
  • Luce Bélanger (Quebec, alternate)
  • Rick Kaptein (Ontario, alternate)
  • Lucy McKee (CPEPC, alternate)
  • Marco Volpé (New Brunswick, alternate)

Consumer Relations

  • Chair – Paolo DiManno
  • Ted Froese
  • Ron teStroete (Nova Scotia, alternate)

Representatives to Other Organizations

  • Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA): Nick Langelaar
  • Canadian Poultry Research Council (CPRC): Ray Nickel (BC alternate)
  • National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC): Nick de Graaf
  • National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Council (NFAHW): Marco Volpé



  • Michael Laliberté
    Executive Director
  • Nicole Faubert
    Executive Assistant

Trade and Policy

  • Yves Ruel
    Associate Executive Director
  • Tara Molloy
    Trade & Policy Analyst


  • Lori Piché
    Director of Finance
  • Jae Yung Chung
    Senior Financial Analyst
  • Maria Elena Baisas
    Financial Officer
  • Jolyn Laszczyk
    Financial Coordinator

Human Resources and Administration

  • Lisa Riopelle
    Director of Human Resources & Adminstration
  • Bibiane Rietveld
    Board Logistics Officer
  • Yanick Tabuteau
    Translation & Office Coordinator

Brand and Communications

  • Lisa Bishop-Spencer
    Director of Brand & Communications
  • Marty Brett
    Senior Corporate Communications Officer
  • Elyse Ferland
    Senior Consumer Relations Officer
  • Karen Ronayne
    Senior Design Officer
  • Jeff Graham
    Senior Creative Content Officer

Public Affairs

  • Lauren Kennedy
    Director of Public Affairs
  • Aline Porrior
    Public Relations Officer
  • Erin Callary
    Public Affairs Officer

Food Safety and Animal Health

  • Steve Leech
    Director of Food Safety & Animal Health
  • Nileeka IrugalBandara
    Communication & Policy Officer
  • Kavita Walia
    Food Safety Officer & Internal Auditor

Animal Care and Sustainability

  • Christine Power
    Director of Animal Care & Sustainability
  • Jennifer Gardner
    Animal Care & Research Officer

Market Information and Systems

  • Jan Rus
    Director of Market Information & Systems
  • Denis Nadeau
    Business Systems Analyst
  • Mengrou Wang
    Market Analyst