Chickens in Canada are raised on family farms. In fact, unlike in many other places in the world, over 90% of all of Canada’s farms are family-owned and operated. Raising chickens requires a high degree of commitment and knowledge. During the seven or eight weeks that it takes to raise a flock, the farmer gives constant care and attention to their health and feeding.

Farmers deserve to be paid a fair share for the work they do. Our industry is funded completely through marketplace revenue and through levies collected on the sale of chicken that is sold – not by subsidies! The farmer’s share, while driving significant economic contributions to Canada’s GDP and economy, is really just a small part of the prices that Canadians pay for the chicken they buy in stores or restaurants.

We work closely with the provincial chicken boards to develop, partner or manage on-farm programs that keep the industry innovative and responsive. Your provincial chicken board is responsible for administering many of these programs and for ensuring that farmers continue to produce the fresh, safe, high-quality chicken that Canadians buy for their families each day.

The backbone of Canada’s food supply is our farmers. Get to know your chicken farmers a little better through their profiles.

Meet Canada's Chicken Farmers