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Rachel Sheffield Come visit Rachel’s farm! Rachel Sheffield, a proud third-generation chicken farmer from Nova Scotia, continues the family legacy started in 1958 by her grandparents. Alongside her brother and two uncles, she is determined to nurture and expand their family farm. Follow Rachel's journey as she passionately builds her career in the world of chicken farming. Erna Ference and Byron Ference Come visit the farms of Erna and Byron Ference! Erna has been farming with her husband since 1987 just outside of Black Diamond, Alberta. Erna has held leadership roles with both Chicken Farmers of Canada and Alberta Chicken Producers. She has five children and one of her children, Byron, has taken an active interest in… Nicholas and Susan Budd You are invited to Nicholas and Susan Budd’s farm! They became chicken farmers through the New Brunswick Chicken Farmers’ new entrant program and got their first flock in 2017. Nicholas is a second generation farmer, and Nick has been farming for as long as he can remember! Susan and Nicholas have four children who are… Melanie and Kevin Boldt Meet Melanie and Kevin Boldt from Osler, Saskatchewan. They own Pine View Farms All Natural Meats, a farm to fork business that has such an amazing story to tell! Come visit Melanie and Kevin at their farm while they show us around, and talk about their philosophy for their business. Not only do they raise… Tim Ansems and Angela Johnston The Ansems family cannot be described in one word. In fact, many words come to mind like warm, inviting, and of course, hilarious. When you spend time with Tim and Angela’s family, you can definitely feel the love and commitment for their family and, of course, their farm. Tim has been farming chicken and turkeys… Barry and Mark Uyterlinde Barry Uyterlinde, a chicken and dairy farmer from Brackley, Prince Edward Island, takes a moment to reflect on his time in the chicken industry. Farming has always been in his life ever since he was young. Born in Truro, Nova Scotia, his family moved to Prince Edward Island a few years later. His family has… Diane Pastoor Diane Pastoor is a proud Canadian chicken farmer. A relative newcomer to farming, she is excited about the opportunities her family has been given in this growing industry. "It was always our dream to own a farm," says Diane, "and we moved to beautiful Saskatchewan to make our dreams come true." Moving from British Columbia… Meggie Villeneuve Near the Ontario-Quebec border in Sainte-Marthe en Montéregie is a quaint little family farm. Currently owned by Simon and Isabelle Villeneuve, this multigenerational farm has been running since 1964. It looks like the family owned operation will have at least 50 more years thanks to their children, Meggie and Adam. Meggie and Adam always knew… Steve & Kahley DeVries When you first meet Steve and Kahley DeVries, it is almost impossible to not fall in love with their family. Their picture perfect home sits atop a small hill, surrounded by farmers’ fields. In the faint distance, you can hear their three energetic kids playing outside as their family dog roams freely around their property.… Andy Larner Farming in Newfoundland & Labrador has never been easy. The Newfoundland & Labrador Heritage website states it the best: "Newfoundland and Labrador’s climate and soil have not been conducive to agriculture." For anyone who has visited, it seems at times that there is more "rock" than "land" in Newfoundland, which is why many people know… Marc Cormier Marc Cormier is passionate about raising the best and healthiest chickens possible. Like the rest of Canada’s 2,800 chicken farmers, he is "proud to raise quality chicken Canadians can trust." Raising quality chicken is a way of life for the Cormiers. From the four new state-of-the-art barns on their St. Paul, New Brunswick farm near… Nathan and Stacy Martens Out in Manitoba, about an hour outside of Winnipeg, reside Nathan and Stacy Martens. If you were to describe the Martens, it would be “never a dull moment.” With six kids, two dogs, two horses and 500,000 chickens a year, it’s a busy home to say the least! Since 2011, Nathan and Stacy have owned… Ray and Linda Nickel

Out in beautiful Abbotsford, British-Columbia, resides Ray Nickel and his family.

Scott Wiens Perched in the corner of a hotel lobby, miles from home, Scott Wiens looks nothing like a stereotypical farmer. Cell phone in hand, he proceeds to tell the story of the Wiens household and the role chicken farming plays in ensuring his family has a stable lifestyle with a solid return on their investment. Scott… Sylvia Donkersgoed Generations of families have taken to chicken farming in Canada with unrivalled passion. Sylvia Donkersgoed is one chicken farmer who is maintaining her family’s farming legacy. "I was born and raised in the industry," explains Sylvia. Today, Sylvia runs her own diversified farm operation, not far from her brother’s, in southern Alberta. She raises roughly…