Government Resources

The Federal government has placed a high priority on the issues of antimicrobial use and resistance (AMU and AMR), and this is reflected in many of their publications. For example, in 2017 the Pan-Canadian Framework was published with the overall goal to strengthen Canada’s ability to combat the risks of AMR. This is being followed-up in 2020 with the publication of a Pan-Canadian Action plan which will lay out deliverables and measurable outcomes and timeframes for all sectors, in both human and animal medicine, that have a role to play in AMU and AMR.

The following is a list of other publications and websites related to AMU/AMR from the Federal government that may be of interest.

  • The Canadian Integrated Program for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance (CIPARS) main page: CIPARS conducts surveillance to monitor trends in AMU and AMR and Chicken Farmers of Canada have partnered with them since 2012. The CIPARS reports can be found here.
  • A report from the Public Health Agency of Canada about the impact of the chicken industry’s elimination of Category I antibiotics
  • Government’s main page for all their info about AMR in general, and the main page for info about AMR in animals
  • Info related to the recent change in veterinary oversight for medically important antimicrobials can be found here
  • Info about the new requirement for veterinary antimicrobial sales reporting can be found here
  • A message from the Chief Public Health Officer about preserving antibiotics
  • A poster about promoting the responsible use of antimicrobials in animals
  • The Canadian Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System 2018 update report