Consumer Messages – Let’s Talk Chicken Website

In 2017 Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC) launched a new website, The site is dedicated to answering all the questions we receive from consumers about how chicken is raised in Canada. It avoids getting too technical, while still being factual and honest to explain how chicken gets from farm to table.

This website is all about sharing the facts rather than the CFC position on things, and we have intentionally tried to keep it “under-branded” so that it can be a tool for everyone to use and share. We have shared this resource with our retail and restaurant partners, encouraging them to utilize it as well. We are working with our web developers to continually improve the site’s performance in google searches, so that when consumers look for info about chicken production, they see our site first instead of content from activists. Inspiration for this project came from the National Chicken Council’s Chicken Check-In website, which takes a similar approach.

While focusses strictly on concerns around production, remains as a resource to promote chicken the food, featuring recipes, nutritional information and safe food handling tips. Our third website, focusses on policy issues, government relations, and promoting the “love your farmer” message.

We utilize all of these websites to get consumers the information they are looking for and promote the content within the sites on our various social media accounts.

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Instagram: @chickendotca and

Twitter: @chickenfarmers and @TheInsideCoop