Antimicrobial Stewardship in the Canadian Poultry Industry – A Podcast Series

One of the tools we’ve created to help farmers consider ways to reduce antimicrobial use is a podcast series that reviews  the principles of antimicrobial stewardship and features conversations with farmers, veterinarians, researchers, and other industry representatives. Each conversation provides farmers with some useful information they can use to start the conversation with their veterinarian and advisors about implementing management practices, strategies, or protocols on their farms.

What’s a podcast?

If you’re new to podcasts, they are audio-recorded conversations you listen to over the internet or on your mobile device. Think of them as a recording of a radio segment or interview you can listen to anytime.

Who’s in the series?

There are 6 English podcasts in the series, and feature:

    • Dr. Martine Boulianne, a veterinarian and prominent poultry researcher at the University of Montreal with vast knowledge on antimicrobial use and resistance in poultry medicine in Canada.
    • Dr. Neil Ambrose, a veterinarian with experience managing Raised Without Antibiotics flocks in western Canada.
    • Dr. Mark Malpass, a microbiologist and Director of Technology Application with Trouw nutrition who brings an international perspective to how Canadian poultry farmers can help prepare themselves.
    • Steve Leech, Director of Food Safety & Animal Health at the Chicken Farmers of Canada, discusses the importance of improving antimicrobial stewardship within the industry for both human and animal health.
    • Alex Innes, a poultry farmer from southwestern Ontario that converted his flock to Raised Without Antibiotics successfully within the past few years. He discusses the aspects of day-to-day management that he feels are key to maintaining health birds.
    • Nathan Martens, a poultry farmer from southeastern Manitoba that manages a large operation containing both conventionally raised and Raised Without Antibiotics barns. He discusses the importance of maintaining gut health, and having trusted relationships with advisors, and the role they play in a successful operation.

How do I listen to them?

Podcasts are available on a number of platforms. You can listen to them directly here OR you can access them through an app on your mobile phone. Apple and Android mobile devices come with Apple Podcasts, and Android phones come with Google Play already available. Just open the app and search for your podcast!

Happy listening!