Chicken Farmers of Canada’s long-term commitment to research and innovation is one of the keys to the success of the chicken industry in Canada. Research will allow our sector to grow, domestically and internationally, as we look for ways to make our quality product even better and respond to evolving consumer preferences.

Canadian Poultry Research Council

Chicken Farmers of Canada, along with the four other national poultry organizations, established the Canadian Poultry Research Council (CPRC) to foster innovation, science and education within poultry research, in order to address current and future industry needs.

Chicken Farmers of Canada supported the founding of the Council, and each year funds projects that further the annual goals of researchers. Projects that receive funding include the topics of microbiology, antibiotic use and replacements, food safety, animal care, poultry health, environmental concerns and diseases.

These are aligned with the priority areas identified in the National Research Strategy for Canada’s Poultry Sector, published by CPRC in 2012. Development of the Strategy involved extensive consultation with stakeholders from across the country..

To date, CPRC has allocated approximately $4.2 million to foster poultry research and these funds have been leveraged to over $23 million.

Poultry Research Cluster

In place of the traditional call for research proposals in 2013, CPRC prepared an application to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s AgriInnovation Program to administer a Poultry Science Cluster. With the $4 million government contribution as well as industry support, CPRC is funding 17 different research projects as part of the Cluster.

A “cluster” brings together multidisciplinary teams of scientists to solve complex problems and to create synergies in research efforts. It is a way to make the most of available resources and supports a strong business case for investing in Canadian poultry research.

The projects that form this Cluster focus on 4 different themes, each encompassing several industry priorities:

  • Poultry infectious diseases
  • Alternative animal health products and management strategies
  • Poultry welfare and wellbeing
  • Environmental stewardship

Innovative. Responsive. Evolving. That’s Canada’s chicken industry.