The Chicken Industry Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

A life cycle assessment is a way to assess the impacts and efficiencies associated with all stages of bringing a product to market. In 2017, Chicken Farmers of Canada launched its life cycle assessment (LCA) of the Canadian chicken industry to assess the environmental and social impacts of Canadian chicken production.

Chicken Farmers of Canada contracted a firm specialized in agri-food social responsibility to conduct the LCA. Industry stakeholders and farmers from across the country were surveyed and data sources were used to build chicken specific industry estimates.

Environmental components of the LCA will include energy, water, and land use, while social aspects will include animal health, food safety and worker wellbeing, among other estimates.

The LCA is an example of the steps that Canadian chicken farmers take to gain important insight and to further their commitment to sustainability.

The results from this LCA will provide important information and direction for consideration by the industry and for future initiatives.