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A message from Canadian chicken farmers regarding COVID-19.

Canadians have many questions regarding the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Some of those questions have even reached us here at Chicken Farmers of Canada.

Chicken farmers in Canada are committed to providing Canadians quality chicken they can trust. That commitment is one we make every day, as our farmers continue to raise chickens to the highest standards of food safety, animal care, and sustainability excellence.

Provincial chicken boards are working to ensure that farmers have the correct information and guidelines, and farmers are working to ensure that their farms are appropriately operated. Each province has its own set of guidelines when it comes to managing these types of issues, and farmers remain committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that  their chickens, their employees, and their families are safe.

There is some misleading information circulating online about the safety of agricultural products, including chicken. As always, chicken and other meats are safe to consume when they are prepared properly. Farmers and processors work very hard to ensure that the chicken you buy is safe, nutritious, and of the highest quality. Following safe food preparation guidelines is the last step in the food safety chain. Please see the Food Safety section of our website or check directly with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency if you require any additional information.

Our office in Ottawa is also closely following developments and ensuring that employees are well-informed and able to adapt to this ever-changing situation. Most employees are working from home; if they are at the office itself, staff members are ensuring that they follow all the necessary hygiene protocols to protect themselves and their communities.

With consumers practicing social distancing, and in some cases, isolating themselves for their protection and the protection of those around them, we will continue to offer our consumers great content via our website and social media channels, including highlighting nutritious recipes that they can prepare at home.  We’re all going to be staying closer to home over the next little while; this means that we have to take care of ourselves – and this includes eating well.

We thank the hard work of caregivers, health care workers, and governments involved in dealing with this situation. We also thank farmers, processors, retailers and food service partners, who work every day to bring us the food we trust.

Thank you all for your ongoing efforts to follow all recommendations to protect all Canadians.

Thank you,

Benoît Fontaine,
Chair, Chicken Farmers of Canada
and Canadian chicken farmer