Sustainability Excellence Commitment

Sustainability is about being committed to continuous improvement and delivering on the expectations of Canadian consumers.

For Chicken Farmers of Canada, achieving sustainability means balancing environmental, social and economic sustainability on four pillars:

  1. Animal Health and Welfare
  2. Worker and Community Wellbeing
  3. Business Management
  4. Environmental Stewardship

Therefore, sustainable chicken production means protecting animal health and welfare, ensuring worker and community wellbeing, preserving the health of the land and of Canadian farms and contributing to the Canadian economy by providing affordable food to Canadians.

Chicken Farmers of Canada has already made great strides in several of these areas. Highlights include:

Protecting bird health and welfare

  • Chicken Farmers of Canada is implementing a national, mandatory Raised by a Canadian Farmer Animal Care Program that is enforced and includes third party audits
  • The Canadian chicken industry is implementing a comprehensive Antimicrobial Use Strategy that involves surveillance, education, research, and reduction

Producing safe chicken for Canadians

  • Chicken Farmers of Canada is implementing a national, mandatory Raised by a Canadian Farmer On-Farm Food Safety Program which has received full recognition from the federal, provincial, and territorial governments
  • The Canadian chicken industry has an effective and responsive traceability system in place, as well as communication and operational plans for dealing with potential disease outbreaks

Preserving the health of the land and of our farms

  • Canadian chicken farmers have adopted practices on the farm to reduce environmental impact
  • Canadian chicken has the lowest carbon footprint of chicken protein
  • Canadian chicken farms are healthy and vibrant, welcoming new entrants each year to a strong community of family farms

Providing value to Canada, and affordable food to Canadians through supply management

  • Supply management allows farmers to invest with confidence in their operations, for the industry to contribute positively to the Canadian economy and give back to local communities, and for consumers to be assured of a steady supply of fresh, high-quality chicken at a reasonable price.