Researching Antibiotic Alternatives

There has been a lot of attention on antibiotic resistance and antibiotic use in recent years and months, and rightly so. Antibiotic resistance is a serious issue, and antibiotic use – in both human and animal medicine – is a popular topic that affects everyone, including you.

Chicken Farmers of Canada have been implementing an Antimicrobial Use Strategy for the past 4 years that involves surveillance, education, research, and reduction.

Specifically, on the research side of things, the majority of our research funds are directed through the Canadian Poultry Research Council (CPRC). To-date, the entire Canadian poultry industry has invested over $3.5 million in the council, and nearly half of those funds have gone towards research on gut health, development of vaccines, understanding the impact of pathogens, and antibiotic alternatives.

And the researchers that CPRC has funded have been very busy! There has been a great deal of useful knowledge generated by the projects that CPRC has funded, and we recently chatted with a few of the researchers themselves to learn more about the people behind the projects. Check out our August newsletter for some highlights of these interviews, or our website at for the full stories.

Want to know more about our Antimicrobial Use Strategy? Check out our brand new whiteboard video that explains what antibiotic resistance is and what Chicken Farmers of Canada is doing to address this ongoing issue.