Monitoring Coccidiosis – Lesion scoring

Continuous monitoring of bird performance can be used to assess clinical and subclinical cases of coccidiosis. In case of suspected coccidiosis outbreak flock checks can be done by a veterinarian to check bird gut health. On post-mortem examination, the whole intestinal tract is removed from the bird to determine if there are any lesions and where these lesions are. Depending on Eimeria species, different locations of the intestine will be infected.

There are three common Eimeria parasites that affect broilers. Eimeria maxima typically targets mid intestine and have a significant impact on intestinal absorption. Eimeria acervuline affects the duodenum or upper intestine but capable of infecting other areas as well. Eimeria tenella causes lesions in the caecum of chickens.

Check out this video to learn about Eimeria biology.