FAAST review: Nectrotic Enteritis & Coccidiosis

The Farmed Animal Antimicrobial Stewardship (FAAST) initiative has published a review on the Antimicrobial Stewardship in the Ontario poultry Industry focusing on addressing questions and concerns related to necrotic enteritis (NE) and Coccidiosis. It aims to provide producers with management strategies to reduce the risk of developing these diseases and alternative strategies to antimicrobial use in prevention of them. The review includes resources in many forms such as videos, podcasts, case studies, and links to useful information.

The review is composed of four short sections with two sections focused on understanding NE and Coccidiosis and two sections dedicated to prevention strategies for each disease. Following topics will be addressed in the review:

  • Significance of the disease to the industry
  • How to identify it in your flock and risk factors associated with it
  • Management strategies reduce stress, maintain a clean environment, and minimize disease entry
  • Antimicrobial alternatives to promote bird health

The FAAST initiative was created by Ontario Veterinary Medical Association in collaboration with the government, academic, and industry partners with aims to provide educational information to animal owners and their veterinarians. There are online learning modules featuring interactive tools and practical resources where producers can review and learn at their own pace.

Click here to access the full review.