Swimming Canada, Chicken Farmers of Canada partner to promote healthy lifestyles

OTTAWA, ONTARIO (May 22, 2013) – Swimming Canada is proud to announce a unique new partnership with Chicken Farmers of Canada.

Chicken Farmers of Canada is the national organization responsible for chicken raised and sold commercially in Canada. The organization, which represents Canadian farmers from coast to coast, is making a significant financial contribution to the sport of swimming in Canada. Swimming Canada is recognizing this generous support by becoming the first Canadian sport to name fresh Canadian chicken as “the official protein of swimming in Canada.”

“By naming fresh Canadian chicken ‘the official protein of swimming in Canada,’ this partnership showcases a spirit of cooperation between two organizations that believe in promoting healthy lifestyles,” said Chris Wilson, Director of Marketing & Events at Swimming Canada.

Swimming is one of the best overall exercises for cardiovascular health, flexibility and endurance. A well-balanced diet filled with a wide variety of lean protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables goes hand in hand with healthy living.

Much like registered swimmers, Canadian chicken farmers can be found in any Canadian province. Chicken Farmers of Canada ensures the chicken that reaches Canadian tables is safe, delicious, and raised to the highest standards. Fresh chicken from Canadian farms are grain fed and are never given hormones. Chicken is an excellent protein choice that helps fuel Canadian swimmers and their families, from the national team down to children learning to swim at the grassroots levels.

“Healthy eating and exercise are important, not only for elite athletes, but for all Canadians,” said Dave Janzen, Chair of Chicken Farmers of Canada. “We are proud to be working together on initiatives that promote healthy living and safety around water. It is a perfect fit and we look forward to a great partnership with Swimming Canada.”

In recognition of the partnership, Chicken Farmers of Canada has created four friendly mascots known as the “Pool Peeps.” As part of the official partnership launch, Chicken Farmers of Canada and Swimming Canada will be running a contest to find names for two of these lovable cartoon chickens who enjoy swimming.

The “Name the Pool Peeps” contest encourages Canadians to submit name suggestions for two of the “Peeps.” The yet-to-be-named Peeps will join their already-named brothers Kicker and Splash in future initiatives to encourage young swimmers to practice safe and healthy behavior around water.

Name suggestions can be sent to namethepeeps@swimming.ca through June 19, and two $100 gift certificates to Toys R Us will be awarded to the winners. For further information on the contest, visit: Name the Pool Peeps Contest.

Although the organizations are officially launching the partnership with this contest, they have already begun working together. Chicken Farmers of Canada was recognized with poolside signage as a sponsor at the recent World Championships Trials in Victoria. The organization will continue to enjoy prominent visibility at Swimming Canada’s events, as well as in video and social media properties.

About Swimming Canada

Swimming Canada serves as the national governing body of competitive swimming. We inspire Canadians through world leading performances to embrace a lifestyle of swimming, sport, fitness and health. The federation comprises 75,000 members and 400 swim clubs across the country. Canadians are global leaders in high performance swimming and development for both able-bodied swimmers and swimmers with a disability.

About Chicken Farmers of Canada

Chicken Farmers of Canada is responsible for chicken raised and sold commercially in Canada. We represent our 2,700 farmers, and ensure that the chicken that reaches your table is safe, delicious, and raised to the highest standards.

For more information:

Lisa Bishop-Spencer Manager of Communications Chicken Farmers of Canada
Off: (613) 566-5911 Cell: (613) 447-4619 lbishop@chicken.ca

Erin Sulpher Manager, Marketing Swimming Canada
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