Statement: Farmers and Processors Committed To Animal Care

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Chicken Farmers of Canada and the Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council maintain that the actions of employees at Elite Farm Services Ltd., portrayed in a video that was aired this week across national media, are shocking and reprehensible. These actions do not reflect the values we share as industry partners.

Every link in the chicken value chain must be vigilant and responsible with the animals in its care. Anything less is unacceptable.

We have already started the process of meeting with the industry partners and we are committed to continue leading representatives from all parts of the industry in the coming weeks, to review and strengthen current practices and prioritize any necessary changes, to ensure that the care of our birds, at every point in the value chain, meets the highest standards. We are committed to being able to demonstrate that there is proper accountability and oversight from gate to plate.

Chicken Farmers of Canada | Twitter: @theinsidecoop

Canadian Poultry & Egg Processors Council