Statement By Canada’s Dairy, Poultry and Egg on state of Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations

Ottawa, July 31st 2015 – On behalf of Canada’s supply-managed farmers and their families, we wish to express that it is unfortunate given the continued business uncertainty, that the Ministerial meeting in Maui, Hawaii did not yield the highly anticipated, significant 12-country trade deal. It became clear to the Canadian delegation in Hawaii, which included many industry leaders, trade specialists, processors and other value-chain representatives from all sectors, including ours, that there were indeed many factors of concern to TPP partners contributing to the inability to get a deal signed and that the breadth and scope of matters remains significant. We hope that the Ministers, Chief Negotiators and countless others involved will quickly plan the next step toward the conclusion of a TPP agreement.  Without an agreement, Canadians farmers continue to face uncertainty which impact their long term business plans.

It was apparent to our industries all week that the Canadian government was, as always, dedicated and diligent in its hard work to conclude a deal that is in the best interests of all sectors, our country and Canadians. We will continue to work with the Government as it works toward a successful conclusion of the TPP.

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