Retail Council Joins Ranks Supporting National Animal Care Program

June 1, 2017 (OTTAWA)  —Chicken Farmers of Canada applauds Retail Council of Canada and its recent statement of support for the Canadian approach to animal welfare on chicken farms across the country.

In its statement, Retail Council of Canada recognized that the Chicken Farmers of Canada Animal Care Program, as well as the National Farm Animal Care Council’s Codes of Practice, are the best practices that ensure that chickens are raised humanely.

“Farmers in Canada have a responsibility to the birds they raise, to the industry, to their fellow farmers,” says Benoît Fontaine, CFC Chair, “The support from Retail Council of Canada helps all of us assure consumers that we are upholding high principles of animal health and welfare throughout the value chain.”

Chicken Farmers of Canada’s Animal Care Program is mandatory, third-party audited, and administered across all chicken farms – no other program can achieve this reach.

The program has credible, science-based foundations in that it is based on the Code of Practice developed by the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC). NFACC is a world leader in bringing together stakeholders with different perspectives – farmers, veterinarians, processors, transporters, animal welfare associations, researchers and provincial/federal governments – to develop robust and sound Codes of Practice.

NFACC’s Code Development process begins with a full scientific review which is used to draft the Code that then undergoes a public consultation process. In this way, all Canadians have an opportunity to contribute to the final Code. The NFACC process is a standard that is internationally recognized and applauded.

CFC’s program recently completed an inaugural comprehensive third-party audit. NSF International’s report concluded that “The national Animal Care Program has been implemented effectively and maintained on an on-going basis. Animal care measures have been consistently applied.” NSF is an internationally-recognized, third-party certification body, accredited by the American National Standards Institute to ISO 17065.

“The farmers’ leadership in animal care will continue to evolve as we commit to working with all our partners,” says Fontaine, “Maintaining high animal care standards is integral to our job as farmers, and demonstrating this is a prerequisite for our consumers. We’re proud to work with Retail Council of Canada to demonstrate that we’re delivering on this expectation.” |


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