Response – The Globe & Mail: End supply management in Canada, but do it fairly

Response to: Globe editorial: End supply management in Canada, but do it fairly

Supply management does not set the retail prices you pay for dairy, eggs and poultry products.

Retailers charge what they think the market will bear and prices (for everything) will vary based on when and where you shop.

Since 2013, the price the farmer receives has decreased by 10.2% while the price of chicken at retail only rose 3.5%, and beef and pork prices rose up to 32.2% and 13.6% respectively.

I have no idea what the innovation comment even means; our sectors offer more variety in products (think air chilled chicken, which is largely unavailable in the U.S) than ever and will continue to do so.

Fact is, in countries where supply management was dismantled, like Australia, prices actually went up for consumers while revenue for farmers went down: the savings were not passed on to consumers.

Supply management is worth it.

Erna Ference