Raised by a Canadian Farmer Means Even More Now

September 20, 2017 (OTTAWA) – Chicken Farmers of Canada has expanded its Raised by a Canadian Farmer brand to incorporate the programs that farmers use to raise their birds to the highest standards of care, quality and sustainability.

Canadian chicken farmers have always been proud to provide Canadians with the highest quality chicken.

  • Our farmers adhere to a strict mandatory On-Farm Food Safety Program, a national standard that has received federal, provincial and territorial government recognition and full recognition by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
  • They also adhere to a strict, mandatory and auditable Animal Care Program to ensure high animal care standards are being upheld on Canadian chicken farms across Canada. It is also third-party audited by NSF International, an internationally-recognized, third-party certification body, accredited by the American National Standards Institute, to ISO 17065.
  • Farmers are also committed to sustainability through innovation, by preserving the health of the land, providing value to Canada’s economy, and making affordable food for Canadians.

“The Raised by a Canadian Farmer” brand is synonymous with origin and quality – but both consumers and farmers wanted it to mean more,” explains Chicken Farmers of Canada Chair Benoît Fontaine, “Now, when consumers choose chicken with the Raised by a Canadian Farmer logo, they know that they’re getting the best from their local farmers.”

These new logos also give farmers recognizable symbols that they can use to demonstrate the innovation, pride and hard work they put in every day to implement some of the highest standards in food safety and animal care, and it proudly confirms their commitment to keeping their work environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

“Farmers are consumers, too,” explains Fontaine, “We take great pride in being able to bring Canada’s number one protein to tables from coast to coast, including our own. It makes sense that the Raised by a Canadian Farmer brand becomes a part of what we do as farmers, so we can show the world that we are committed to doing everything we can to maintain our hard-earned trust.”

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