National Post – April 2015

John Ivison needs to check his facts when reporting on supply management (PM faces ‘big game’ in Asian trade, April 28).

He implies that the cross-party support that supply management enjoys only exists on its face, and that political parties will be itching to remove it if it means entry to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Supply management enjoys support from all 3 federal parties simply because it works: it offers producers both a fair return for their work and protection from unfairly subsidized foreign competition, while guaranteeing Canadians access to a steady supply of dairy, poultry and eggs that are fresh, high-quality and raised by a Canadian farmer.

Supply management supports over 100,000 direct jobs and contributes $24.5 billion to Canada’s GDP. The stability it ensures makes it the bedrock of rural communities from coast to coast. That is why it enjoys support from all parties – and that is why it must be preserved.

Jack Graydanus
Canadian Hatching Egg Producers