Lock, Stock and Smoking Birds

Chicken Farmers of Canada makes food and nutrition fun


February 14 (OTTAWA) — It’s time to take “stock” of what Chicken Farmers of Canada has to offer.

Chicken Farmers of Canada, or CFC, has been developing recipes, taking pictures and conducting nutritional analyses over the past few years and is opening up the vaults to ensure that you have access to great food and great pictures for your publications and websites.

This one-stop-shop of cooking knowledge and great artwork is yours for the taking – all you need to provide is credit where credit is due.

This amazing content library is yours to view at chicken.ca! Feel free to peruse away and then, when you’ve found the recipes and/or photos you seek, send us a quick e-mail indicating where you’d like to use it and we’ll get you the high resolution file(s). The link to order is communications@chicken.ca and responses will be rapid.

Copyright will rest with CFC but there will be no charge for the usage – just a requirement to link back to the chicken.ca website and a note that the content is “courtesy of chicken.ca”.

What could be simpler?

Good food, great pictures and all the visual nutrition you need are in our one-stop shop. Looking for health and nutrition information, too? Visit chicken.ca today and get in touch with your inner chicken self!

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For more information: please contact Marty Brett, Senior Communications Officer, 613-566-5926 or at mbrett@chicken.ca. Chicken Farmers of Canada is online at www.chicken.ca.