Celebrating Canadian farmers for a sustainable future at Downtown Diner

OTTAWA, May 18, 2023 – Today, Canadian poultry and egg farmers hosted their much-loved pop-up, Downtown Diner, on Sparks Street in Ottawa. The event put a focus on the hard work of Canada’s poultry and egg farm families and their commitment to producing food in a sustainable manner through innovative practices and world-class standards.

During the event, farmers representing Egg Farmers of Canada, Chicken Farmers of Canada, Turkey Farmers of Canada and Canadian Hatching Egg Producers served up an array of dishes made with fresh, local, high-quality ingredients while answering questions about farming. Members of Parliament, Senators, political staffers and the public stopped by the event to learn about the steps poultry and egg farmers are taking to ensure responsible, sustainable food production.

“We are thrilled to connect with Canadians and showcase some of the food items we work so hard to produce,” said Luce Bélanger, a chicken farmer from Quebec and Director at Chicken Farmers of Canada. “Canadian poultry and egg farmers follow strict food safety and animal care programs which are mandatory and third-party audited. Thanks to these programs, Canadians can be confident the poultry and eggs they find in stores and restaurants across Canada are produced to the highest standards.”

“Not only are farmers passionate about providing Canadians with top quality food, they are also leaders in embracing sustainable farming practices,” adds Glen Jennings, egg farmer from Nova Scotia and Vice-Chair of Egg Farmers of Canada. “At my farm, we have moved to power our barn with solar energy and are committed to making a positive impact on tomorrow. This is just one example of farmers stepping up our commitment to the environment.”

Over a thousand guests and Ottawa community members took part in the Downtown Diner throughout the day, engaging in conversation and discussion. “It’s important that we talk with Canadians about where their food comes from,” adds Jennifer Paquet, turkey farmer from Quebec. “The Downtown Diner is a tremendous opportunity to answer questions and share our farm-to-fork story.”

Downtown Diner also put a spotlight on the important role of Canada’s unique system of supply management in ensuring a sustainable future for Canadian poultry and egg farmers. “Farmers like me are proud to deliver the products that Canadians want and enjoy, while also supporting our national economy,” explains Brian Bilkes, hatching egg farmer from British Columbia and Chair of the Canadian Hatching Egg Producers. “Collectively, our sectors support more than 144,000 jobs and deliver $11.1 billion to Canada’s GDP.”

 About Egg Farmers of Canada

Now in its sixth decade as one of Canada’s leading agriculture organizations, Egg Farmers of Canada manages the national egg supply and promotes egg consumption while representing the interests of over 1,200 regulated egg farmers and egg farm families from coast to coast. Visit eggfarmers.ca for more information.

About Chicken Farmers of Canada

Chicken Farmers of Canada represents nearly 2,900 chicken farmers from coast to coast, and ensures that the chicken that reaches Canadian’s tables is trusted, preferred, and sustainable Canadian chicken. Visit chickenfarmers.ca for more information.

About Turkey Farmers of Canada

Turkey Farmers of Canada (TFC) is a national organization representing Canada’s 510+ turkey farmers. Created in 1974 under the federal Farm Products Agencies Act, the Agency encourages cooperation throughout the Canadian turkey industry, promotes the consumption of turkey meat, and oversees the supply management system for turkey in Canada. Visit turkeyfarmersofcanada.ca for more information.

About Canadian Hatching Egg Producers

Founded in 1986, the Canadian Hatching Egg Producers (CHEP) represents 225 farmers from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. Our mission is to continue to grow a profitable broiler hatching egg industry in Canada in order to ensure a strong, efficient and competitive industry and a dependable supply of quality broiler hatching eggs to the Canadian chicken industry. Visit chep-poic.ca for more information.


Media contact:
Elissa Zaks
Senior Public Relations Officer, Egg Farmers of Canada