Candidates across the country support the Canadian chicken sector


October 17, 2019 (Ottawa) — Candidates from the Liberal, Conservative, NDP, and Green parties showed their support for the Canadian chicken sector and supply management this federal election by visiting farms across the country and meeting with farmers. From the Annapolis Valley to the Rockies, candidates had a chance to learn about the Canadian chicken sector and see the programs and practices in place that ensure Canadians are getting high-quality, nutritious chicken that is raised with care.

“We appreciate candidates from the federal parties taking time from their busy campaign schedules to learn about the Canadian chicken sector and the impressive contribution we make to the Canadian economy,” said Chicken Farmers of Canada Chair, Benoît Fontaine. “Canadian chicken farmers are proud of raising food for Canadian families to the highest food safety and animal care standards, and we are pleased to see candidates support the work we do.”

By meeting with candidates from parties across the country, Canadian chicken farmers know their voices will be heard on Parliament Hill following October 21st. But there will still be work to do. Canada’s 2,800 chicken farmers expect the incoming government to proceed quickly in implementing full and fair support programs for the Canadian poultry and egg sectors to mitigate the impacts of the CPTPP and that no additional access to the Canadian dairy, poultry and egg markets is granted in future trade agreements.

Canadians want Canadian chicken, so we deliver them fresh, locally-raised food, just the way they like it. Our farmers are a stabilizing force in rural Canada, where they can – and do – reinvest with confidence in their communities, but their contribution is much wider. In sum, we are part of Canada’s economic solution, and do so without subsidies, and are very proud of both.

CFC introduced its Raised by a Canadian Farmer brand in 2013 to showcase the commitment of farmers to provide families with nutritious chicken raised to the highest standards of care, quality and freshness. People care deeply about their food, about knowing where it comes from and that what they’re serving to their family and friends is of the highest quality; our farmers and their families are no different. So when we say that the Canadian chicken industry is good for Canadians, it’s because we know that we’re raising our chickens to the highest standards: yours.


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