Canadian dairy, poultry and eggs farmers continue to support the Canadian government position in Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations

OTTAWA, May 26, 2015 – The pace of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations has accelerated over the past few weeks and they are entering their most critical phase to-date. We appreciate the Canadian government’s ongoing support for Canada’s supply managed sectors and commend its efforts to promote and defend the Canadian dairy, poultry and egg farmers’ interests in these intense international trade negotiations.

We understand that the level of pressure from our trading partners is increasing. The level of anxiety among our farmers and industry partners is also intensifying. The supply management system was successfully implemented 50 years ago by the Canadian government to ensure a fair, stable and predictable return to farmers directly from the marketplace instead of receiving government subsidies.

Supply management helps provide stability not only to the agricultural sector but also to the Canadian economy as a whole. Quality milk, eggs, broiler hatching eggs, chicken and turkey are produced on family farms and flow through our respective value chains across the country. Our farms support everything from feedmills, equipment dealers, food processors and vets to banks, restaurants and tourism. Additionally, the dairy, poultry and egg sectors generate more than $9.55 billion in farm cash receipts, contribute $28.23 billion to the Canadian GDP, sustain approximately 300,000 jobs in Canada and contribute $5.36 billion in tax revenues at local, provincial and federal levels.

Our organizations support the Canadian Government trade policy of expanding market access, improving trade rules and preserving supply management. This model has been successfully deployed through the negotiation of 12 trade agreements with 43 countries. The claim by some countries that supply managed commodities are protectionist is unfounded. In fact, we currently provide more access to our markets than many other countries, including the United States. For instance, Canada imports more chicken than 6 of the other TPP countries combined, including the USA.

We continue to monitor the TPP negotiations closely and remain committed to work with our government to help achieve the best results for Canadians, while supporting Canadian dairy, poultry and egg farmers and our communities.

For further information: Isabelle Bouchard, Director, Communications and Government Relations, Dairy Farmers of Canada, 613-236-9997 x 2748

Joint release by:

Dairy Farmers of Canada
Turkey Farmers of Canada
Egg Farmers of Canada
Chicken Farmers of Canada
Canadian Hatching Egg Producers