What is Chicken Farmers of Canada’s stance on antibiotic use?

We support only the most responsible use of antibiotics and we are being proactive to manage antibiotic use in order to provide continued confidence to consumers and government. We understands that consumers and others have concerns regarding antibiotic use and resistance, and we take our responsibility very seriously. Chicken Farmers of Canada has:

  • Implemented a sector-wide strategy to control, monitor and reduce antimicrobial use where possible.
  • Created a working group with representatives from throughout the chicken industry to examine ways to reduce antibiotic usage.
  • Reviewed best management practices to define antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance trends.
  • Worked with government to create an on-farm surveillance program for chicken, which will complement the current data from processors and retailers.
  • Initiated an education campaign to farmers and industry stakeholders on the issues of antibiotic use and resistance.
  • Invested in antibiotic alternative research, in collaboration with the industry stakeholders, to the tune of over $2.2 million which has been matched to over $10.8 million.

We also support the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, which works to develop antibiotic use guidelines for poultry veterinarians and the pathogen-reduction work being undertaken at the processing plants across the country. The intent is to demonstrate that antimicrobial use is being done responsibly, appropriately and safely.