How are you enforcing your antimicrobial usage policy?

The elimination of the preventative use of Category I antimicrobials has been made a mandatory element of the Raised by a Canadian Farmer On-Farm Food Safety Assurance Program – which is mandatory and enforced in all 10 provinces with annual audits and has been granted full recognition from the Federal-Provincial and Territorial governments. A sign-off has also been put on the flock sheet (a document that is sent to the processor and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency with each flock) and on the hatchery invoices to indicate that each flock has not been given Category I antibiotics for prevention. The same enforcement was used for Category II antimicrobials when their preventive use was eliminated at the end of 2018.

Monitoring is performed via industry antibiotic use surveillance as well as continued government surveys through the Canadian Integrated Program for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance (CIPARS), of the Public Health Agency of Canada.