Can Farmers Use Antibiotics?

The third video in our whiteboard series explains why farmers use antibiotics on their farm. Like you and I, chickens can get sick. And like some human situations, there are times where we know the likelihood of getting sick is high and medication is used preventively. These are the situations where antibiotics come into play.

Canadian chicken farmers take good care of their birds, ensuring that they receive the best care by following our strict Animal Care Program and our On-Farm Food Safety Program. Part of this is making sure that birds are treated when they are sick, which sometimes requires antibiotics, in order to protect their health and their welfare. Not only that, but farmers can prevent a flock from becoming ill by providing the birds with preventative antibiotics.

As mentioned in the previous blog, Canadian chicken farmers are implementing a strategy – now – to ensure that antibiotics are used responsibly to protect animal health. This strategy is laid out here, along with some other information on antibiotic use and the research underway to find replacements.