Whether you’re picking up some chicken at the grocery store or savoring a delicious meal with friends at the restaurant, it’s easy to forget all the hard work that goes into raising fresh, high-quality chicken, and easier still to overlook the impact that chicken has on Canada and its economy. In fact, the 2,800 chicken farmers, 191 processors, plus hatcheries and feed mills, generate employment and help support both rural and urban communities in every province!

In rural areas, farmers not only produce high-quality chicken, but also reinvest in their farms and their communities. In turn, Canada’s urban cities and towns get fresh, high-quality food on their plates each week. From gate to plate, Canada’s chicken farmers help generate jobs in not only farming and processing, but in transportation, retail, restaurants, and more!

Here are some fun facts about the sector:

  • Sustains 87,200 jobs
  • Contributes $6.8 billion to Canada’s Gross Domestic Product
  • Pays $2.2 billion in taxes
  • Purchases 2.6 million tons of feed, supporting other farmers in turn

Each province contributes to these numbers – for example, did you know that British Columbia has the 3rd most chicken farmers  after Quebec and Ontario? Or that the chicken industries in the Atlantic Provinces contribute $524 million to Canada’s GDP?

You can learn more about our sector’s contribution to Canada in our newly updated Economic Contribution Map.

Chicken Industry Economic Contribution Map – PDF

That’s what we’d like to share with you here: our Canadian success story and reasons why the Canadian chicken industry is a good choice for Canada and a good choice for Canadians.