Did you know that the vast majority of Canadians believe that it is important that Canadian chicken be labelled as Canadian?. Yes, that’s right – Canadian consumers want to know where their food comes from. And we’ve made it easy for consumers to choose Canadian chicken with our new “Raised by a Canadian Farmer” logo.

By buying chicken with this brand, not only are you getting quality Canadian chicken, but you are also supporting Canadian farmers you can trust – farmers who protect bird health and welfare, who produce safe chicken for Canadians, who preserve the health of the land and their farms, and who provide value to Canada, and affordable food to Canadians through supply management.

In fact, that’s what makes the Canadian chicken industry sustainable – the hard work, and the good work, of our farmers. And supply management is the system Canadian chicken farmers operate under that makes it all possible.

Our sustainability journey is a process of continual improvement. We have come a long way with the implementation of on-farm programs, with responsible antibiotic use, and with the growth in our industry which has contributed to the Canadian economy and helped support rural communities. But we’ll always have more work to do and we will continually evolve to improve our practices and deliver on the expectations of Canadian consumers.

Chicken Farmers of Canada’s key values of sustainability are:

  • Protecting bird health and welfare
  • Producing safe chicken for Canadians
  • Preserving the health of the land and of our farms
  • Providing value to Canada, and affordable food to Canadians through supply management

So let’s take a look at what we have done so far, according to the values that guide our work. Click on our Sustainability Report to learn more: