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Love your chicken? Thank a Canadian chicken farmer!

Aline Porrior

It’s #FlashbackFriday –  Let’s throw it back to our blog on “Love your chicken? Thank a Canadian chicken farmer!”

Did you eat chicken this week? Maybe you grilled some breast, braised some thighs or shared a pound of wings with friends? Regardless of your cut of choice, Chicken Farmers of Canada thanks you for continuing to make chicken the No. 1 meat in Canada!

Farmers are already the backbone of rural communities across the country, but thanks to the stability provided by supply management – the system that oversees chicken production – chicken farmers help create jobs and economic opportunities all the way from farm to plate. Everyone working with chicken, in farming, processing, veterinary work, transportation, retail, restaurants and more, benefits from the certainty that we provide a steady, predictable supply of Canada’s favourite protein.

Want to learn a bit more about the Canadian chicken industry and how our farmers are not only good for Canadians but good for Canada as well? Watch the video below; we’re proud of our story of success, one that goes back more than 40 years, and we want to share it!

If you ate chicken this week (or if you’re planning to), be sure to share the video and thank a Canadian chicken farmer! When you’re at the grocery store, make sure you ask for chicken that was Raised by a Canadian Farmer, our brand for fresh, safe, high quality Canadian chicken.