How do you respond to doctors’ concerns that antibiotics in agriculture are dangerous for human health?

We take these comments and views very seriously. We rely heavily on industry and outside experts to guide us. We can also tell you that it is very important to farmers to reduce antibiotic resistance. So there is a significant benefit for us to work on this issue. There is no straightforward, easy solution to the antibiotic use and resistance discussion and there continue to be unanswered questions, but the industry, along with its partners and government are studying this complex issue from all sides. To date, the industry has spent $2.2 million on research (leveraged to over $10.8 million through other funding partners) on antibiotic reduction and replacements as well as on antimicrobial resistance. We firmly believe that using antimicrobials in a responsible manner is the responsibility of all individuals that use them – both within human medicine and within agriculture.