Hello and thanks for stopping by! Though you may not know much about us yet, there’s a good chance you’ve sampled some of our work: you’re getting a taste for what we do every time you eat fresh Canadian chicken.

In fact, Chicken Farmers of Canada was established over 30 years ago and has been helping farmers raise the quality chicken that Canadians trust.

Chicken Farmers of Canada is a national organization, funded completely through farmer levies paid according to the amount of chicken produced. No subsidies.

We were established back in 1978 under the Farm Products Agencies Act and operate within a regulatory environment guided by the Federal-Provincial Agreement for Chicken, signed in July 2001.

Chicken Farmers of Canada has two main responsibilities: making sure our 2,800 farmers always produce the right amount of safe, high-quality chicken, and representing the interests of chicken farmers and the Canadian chicken industry.