This short handout was created to educate consumers, stakeholders and government that the chicken sector is committed to controlling, monitoring and reducing antimicrobial use to preserve effective treatment options. While the continued availability of antimicrobials and their subsequent responsible use is important to safeguard poultry health and welfare, the chicken sector is implementing a sector wide strategy to control, monitor and reduce antimicrobial use where possible.

The sector-wide strategy includes:

  • defining antimicrobial use and analyzing antimicrobial resistance trends
  • reviewing best management practices
  • ensuring effective controls of antimicrobial use in Canada
  • educating stakeholders on the issues of antimicrobial use and resistance
  • research and availability of alternative products.

These components are described in greater detail within the backgrounder document below.

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Chicken Farmers of Canada supports the responsible use of antibiotics that have been approved by the Veterinary Drugs Directorate of Health Canada, in order to ensure food safety, animal health and animal welfare. Antibiotic use in chicken production is for the treatment of birds, to reduce disease and to reduce any potential food safety problems. Antibiotics play an integral role in providing a safe product for consumers, so that only healthy birds enter the food chain for consumption.

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