From the moment they arrive on the farm to the time they’re shipped to the consumer, the quality and welfare of our chickens is of the utmost importance to us.

Food Safety and Animal Care are among our farmers’ top concerns. This section is all about what we’re doing to provide a steady supply of chicken to Canadians while continually improving conditions.

Raising healthy birds in a humane way is as important to Canadian chicken farmers as it is to those who purchase safe chicken for their family. We are continuing to implement the Raised by a Canadian Farmer Animal Care Program on farms from coast to coast to ensure that our high animal care standards are followed.

Our Raised by a Canadian Farmer On-Farm Food Safety Program, is a national program for ensuring best practices in food safety and biosecurity.

Our national systems allow farmers across Canada to follow the same regulations and 3rd party audits are in place to ensure that the animal care and food safety standards are being consistently implemented.

Canada’s chicken farmers continue to evolve in response to consumer preferences. Innovation and research continue to be key priorities for the chicken industry. Through direct investment, fund matching, and knowledge transfer the industry supports research and development that addresses specific industry needs such as animal care, antibiotic usage, environmental concerns, food safety, and poultry health.

Research will allow our sector to grow, domestically and internationally, as we look for ways to ensure that a portion of the economic benefits realized by science, innovation, and value-added products accrues back to the farmer.