Alain Bazinet


Alain Bazinet, his wife Carole, and their three children are proud chicken farmers. Their farm is located in an area of Quebec often called “The Garden” due to its fantastic growing conditions. Alain became a chicken farmer after trying his hand at a few other careers. His father began the farm in 1966, but gave Alain the freedom to realize on his own that chicken farming was in his blood. Alain gradually took over the operation in 1989 and hasn’t looked back since.

As second-generation farmers, Alain and his family have enjoyed many of the benefits provided by a stable and strong industry. Having a working system already in place at the farm has rescued his family from a great deal of the headaches experienced by first-time farmers.

“I don’t know (first hand) what it was like at the beginning back in 1968, but since then, we have been able to enjoy the great stability the industry offers,” he says.

Alain hopes that eventually he can pass along the farm to his three young sons as his father did for him. For the time being, the farm continues to be a family effort. Alain’s father is never far away and there is a full time farm worker to help out with both the chicken farm and the family crops. Their passion for chicken farming continues to grow.

“We love the fact that we have a stable revenue source to keep the farm profitable and we love being our own bosses. The only downside is the 24 hours a day, seven days per week lifestyle that we have to follow when the barns are full.”

While the success of the farm keeps them on their toes, the Bazinets are proud of their 600-acre farm and the legacy it will provide to future generations.