People care deeply about their food, about knowing where it comes from and that what they’re serving to their family and friends is of the highest quality; our farmers and their families are no different. So when we say that the Canadian chicken industry is good for Canadians, it’s because we know that we’re raising our chickens to the highest standards: yours.

How do we know what those are? You’ve told us.

Canadians have told us that they want fresh, high-quality, Canadian food from farmers that are committed to animal care, and Canada’s chicken farmers are proud to deliver.

Chicken Farmers of Canada delivers fresh, Canadian food

With chicken being raised year-round from coast to coast, in every province, Canadians are assured a steady supply of chicken. Considering chicken is the #1 consumed meat in Canada, that’s no mean feat!

We deliver on food safety

We are very proud to be the first food to achieve full official government recognition – at the federal, provincial and territorial level – for our auditable Raised by a Canadian Farmer On-Farm Food Safety Program. We’ve also leveraged our supply management system to make the program mandatory in every province. Currently, 100% of Canadian chicken farmers are certified on the program.

We deliver on animal care

The Canadian chicken industry works closely with its partners to ensure that stringent regulations related to the care and handling of our birds are met and followed. Chicken Farmers of Canada, in particular, demonstrates this high level of care with an auditable Raised by a Canadian Farmer Animal Care Program, and by participating in a national committee to further animal care programming in Canada. Implemented in 2009, a 100% of chicken farmers are now certified on the program.

The Canadian chicken industry delivers great value

Thanks to the stability provided by our supply management system, Canadians can count on a steady supply of fresh, high-quality Canadian chicken at reasonable prices. In fact, Canadians only spend about 10% of their disposable income for ALL of their food. It’s important however to remember that chicken farmers don’t set retail or restaurant prices and that they only receive a small of fraction of those, about 10%; that’s usually less than the tip a server might receive.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Though we work hard to ensure people across the country have access to a steady supply of chicken, we recognize that unfortunately not all Canadians can afford the shelter and food they need. Chicken Farmers of Canada tries to do its part by making regular donations – both in food and money – to food banks throughout Canada and also volunteers to collect and sort food. Over the past 7 years, Chicken Farmers of Canada has donated over $300,000 to food banks.